The Brand is a Story, but it's a Story About You, Not About the Brand

From Seth Godin's recent blog post:

In markets that aren't natural monopolies or where there are clear, agreed-upon metrics, how do we decide?

Yes, every brand has a story—that's how it goes from being a logo and a name to a brand. The story includes expectations and history and promises and social cues and emotions. The story makes us say we "love Google" or "love Harley"... but what do we really love?

We love ourselves.

We love the memory we have of how that brand made us feel once. We love that it reminds us of our mom, or growing up, or our first kiss. We support a charity or a soccer team or a perfume because it gives us a chance to love something about ourselves.
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Penn's Dean Furda Featured on The Today Show

CCA is proud to have the University of Pennsylvania as one of our valued partners.

For over ten years, we have collaborated with Penn on a variety of enrollment marketing and communications projects.  To view samples of the work we’ve completed for the University, please
check it out on

Recently, Eric J. Furda, Dean of Admissions at Penn, was interviewed on The Today Show. Anchor Al Roker and Dean Furda discussed the challenges high school students face today during the college admissions process. Watch the video to hear Dean Furda’s valued insight and advice.

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With Great Power Comes Great Irresponsibility

I'm a fan of Seth Godin, and have been since Purple Cow, one of his very first books. 

Here's another one of his snaps of wisdom. It reminded me of a conversation I had with a VP of Marketing and Communications at a well known University this week. Read More